By now you probably know a little bit about who we are. Here’s what we do.


Making your church a safe place

• Shift the culture of your church to help your members become comfortable with who they are.

• Teach the leadership how to view individuals, as they ought to be rather than how we see them today.

• Communicate and create the most current information about the “Safe Place” message.

• We can recommend books that provoke conversations for small groups

Addressing the difficult subject of pornography

• Consult with you on how to proceed with a plan to move individuals to freedom.

• Resources that address leadership, small groups, individuals and youth groups.

• Provide you with a conference to address the issue of pornography.

Making your church a culture changer in the community

• Consult with your church leadership to identify where this is happening and opportunities for growth.

• Provide small group resources for church members.

• Provide presentations that show why risk is a part of our faith walk.


• Give presentations on pornography and safe places to universities chapels.

• We are creating new material for university students to help them deal with porn.

• Speak with professors and staff around how to address the issue of pornography.


• Address the issue of pornography within the church.

• Discuss how we can create safe places.

Mens Groups

• Work with the leadership to provide direction on forming small groups.

• Provide presentations on why relationships among men are essential and why accountability relationships could transform the church.

• Provide resources on forming transparent relationships.