One of the elements of living a transparent life is that you will face issues that you have with other people and things you have not dealt with in your own life.  This is one of the most difficult things to do but it is the most fulfilling.  I am learning that living a transparent life is about dealing with areas that we sometimes have avoided.

When you face issues by living a transparent life you are forced to make amends with people and situations.  Just recently I began to deal with people in my past life 30 or more years ago that I needed to set some things straight. As I started to look at situations that I was involved in, sometimes they are different when you look at it through a clear glass.  We always need to remember that two people or more have their own perspective on situations and issues.  Many times these are good people who may not have the full perspective of your thoughts or actions.

Just recently, I attended a reunion of individuals that attended a youth group back many years ago.  Most of us had not been in contact with each other. But this youth group was such an important part of our lives that we were drawn to attend this reunion.  I was part of the planning group for this event and I wanted to see many of the individuals.   There were some challenges, old girlfriends, someone that you did not get along with, and two people attending had been divorced.   With all that being said the event went off without an issue because we focused on love, compassion, and restoration.  I saw people in the past that would not have spoken to each other and they hugged.  Time and perspective had healed wounds.

One special friend of mine was there. We were best man in each other’s weddings but things had gone south on an issue where I did not show compassion.  My friend had a situation where they needed my presence and I  had chosen not to adhere to their request.  This happened more than 20 years ago and we had not spoken.  So before the reunion I took the step that I should have done years ago and sent a message of love and asking for forgiveness.  It was received well and we connected at the reunion.  I felt the need to do more because our opportunity to really connect was limited at the reunion.  So after the reunion I determined I would go to their home and spend part of the day with them.  They greeted me with love and as we were coming to the close of our time together I determined to ask for forgiveness face to face.  They honored me with forgiveness for my past insensitivity.

Well where do you stand?  If you are going to gain freedom in your life you will need to address issues around restoration.  If I could say it is worth it, even if they would not have turned out the way I wanted them to, it was still the right thing to do.  This is a key to walking in freedom.  So take the risk and push past your fears and see the freedom in restoring relationship with someone.