Most churches make it difficult for there to be transparency when it comes to sexual sins. It’s just not socially acceptable in our christian circles. These issues are seldom talked about or addressed.  If they are,  it’s only on rare occasions. If an alter call is given for those struggling with porn or sexual addictions, the alter, in most churches, will remain empty.  It is too shameful and too risky.
Why is that? In a world where we are bombarded with sexual images and promiscuity, it really makes no sense.
Just walk through the halls of your local high school.  No fear there.  Teenagers are talking about it and  not even batting an eye. Why isn’t the church a comfortable place to address such things?  Why do we make it so taboo when it is all around us?
These issues are real and they are destroying families and tearing our nation apart.
Statistics prove that the majority of those addicted to porn are not outside the church any longer,  but sitting in our church pews, leading our youth groups, and even preaching from our pulpits.  So, why aren’t we talking about it? This silence has left us vulnerable and as prime targets for the enemy.
Shouldn’t Pastors everywhere be speaking TRUTH about these issues and WARNING the body of Christ about these types of seductions? Not just once a year, but continually?  After all, let’s be real….what do most men and, yes…even “christian” men,  think about?  What do most teenagers think about? SEX.  And yet, it is the least thing talked about in our churches today.
However, our culture handles it just the opposite.   No guessing what the majority boldly proclaims.  They make it quite clear.  And they are not at all sorry for it or ashamed of it.  They bombard us with sexual images and innuendos day in and day out.  It’s all over the TV, the movies,  in the media, on the internet….it is everywhere.  They are portraying a twisted, tainted view of sexuality and they have everyone’s attention.
The longer the church keeps silent the more causalities there will be in this war against the enemy.  
How are our boys and men going to know how to handle this kind of assault if they are not equipped?  How will they learn the proper way to view women?  How will they learn the truths that will help them avoid the traps that satan sets for them on a daily basis?
No doubt, we are all being taught everyday by the world’s standards. Standards which have lost the meaning of virtue and purity all together.  What used to be unacceptable is now the norm.  Could it be that the church is no longer grieved by the things that grieve the heart of God?  The truth is, our hearts are being seared.   Yes, we claim to be followers of Christ, but just look at the statistics. Not only is the porn statistics staggering but the divorce rate is as high in the church as those outside the church.  Many of those divorces have porn and/or other sexual addictions at the hem.
Why is this?  Is the church failing?
It is my opinion that we can no longer be silent.
We need to teach and equip with regards to these kinds of issues as boldly and unashamedly as the world portrays them.  
We need to take back the values that exemplify the character of Christ.  
I want to encourage, and to beg Pastors everywhere to be bold, to speak the real hard truths, and to expose the lies of the enemy.
Being the wife of a former porn addict I realize I am so much more passionate about this then most, but shouldn’t we all be?
Not only are we not talking about these issues, but we are not helping those who need it.  Instead of finding freedom from such things at the alters of our churches, in community with believers….. those held captive are walking away bound, wounded, and fearful of being exposed.
The truth is, if our alters are empty because men and women are afraid to admit they are struggling, (because many are), then something needs to change.  We need to create an environment of freedom where they can be real and transparent.  Where else can a man or woman turn who desires help and needs support?  They need Jesus. They need the church to be as Christ meant for it to be. A place they can run to, not run away from.  Just sayin’.  What do you think?