Transparent Ministries Friends

This last week was a great week in which Transparent Ministries was part of seeing lives impacted and changed.  Here’s the detail on what happened and how lives are being changed.

About one month ago I was asked to speak with some high school seniors from the local high school.   Dennis, a friend of mine has been meeting with high school seniors this year doing a Bible study. I had a chance to talk with Dennis about what Gary another friend of mine who has been doing with high school seniors in another community, getting them prepared for the choices they will make next year as they move forward with their lives.   This got Dennis attention so he asked me to come speak with the boys on a Wednesday morning about the issue of pornography. I determined we would make this a three week series on the struggle of pornography in men’s lives.   The first week we watched a video (Jimmy Needham) and I told my story. This set the ground work around creating a safe place.  We had 6 boys who attended the meeting and it was well received.

This last Wednesday we had the boys return with one new member and one boy did not return.  I determined to have John speak.  John had given his testimony with the group Gary leads.  What happened was two of the boys opened up about their struggle with porn.  One of the boys is dealing with it and the other has it in check but confirmed that transparency is the start to restoration and healing.  We surrounded the young man with grace, mercy, and we prayed for him.

This coming week we are going to ask the other boys where they stand on this issue and discuss how to be an accountability partner for someone.  Please be in prayer that each of these boys will feel safe to share their story so we can move them to restoration.

Sunday night message:

Last night I spoke at First Assembly of God church.  We showed a new video about a couples named Kevin and Mindy story for the first time in public.  This is their home church so this was a real act of courage and trust.  We had determined that we needed to show it here first because most of the church was unaware of their struggle.  It was very powerful and everyone who attended the evening service was impacted by their transparency.  I then followed it up with a message on understanding, that each of us has a story to tell, and we need to create safe places so people can get their lives restored.  The powerful story in the video moved the people of the church and God spoke to everyone in the service.  People streamed down to altar as Pastor Joe asked them to examine their own struggle in their lives.  As I spoke with individuals after the service there was a clear response that we are called to support each other and love people who are struggling.

I met with Kevin and Mindy back in July of last year and we have been moving towards what happened last night.   My hope is this will be a springboard to share Kevin and Mindy story with other churches in the future.

Kevin and Mindy, I am honored to have a small part in getting your story out.  Thank You for trusting Transparent Ministries with your story.

We will be putting the video on the Transparent Ministries and Freedom Begins Here websites in the near future.