We are a group of individuals who believe God is calling us to live transparent lives.

Over the last three years we were involved with a ministry called Freedom Begins Here, which addressed the issue pornography within Christians lives.  As we spoke and interacted with thousands of individuals, and hundreds of pastors, and church leaders we came to understand that we were facing a crisis that no one wanted to talk about.  Some brave individuals spoke with us, and we asked questions like, “Why is everyone so hesitant to discuss this crisis?”  We discovered very quickly that people didn’t talk because they were afraid to share the shame and guilt that held them back from honesty dealing with their addiction or sin.

So we started the process of finding out why no one wants to be real. What has happened in the Church that is not allowing people to deal with their issues? Why are we trying to appear as perfect people, especially in church? Every Sunday we drive up and put on our masks and tell everyone we have it all together.  Somehow this not how I think Jesus wants us to live.

We have expanded our ministry to be all about living a transparent life.  We still see pornography as a huge issue, but it’s only one of many.

We all have JUNK in our lives.

The intention is to see this new ministry address issues that the church is not addressing.

We want Christians to stand up and proclaim that it is only through the forgiveness of the blood of Christ that we can live in God’s favor.  It is time that we follow the mandate to “Confess our sins to one another that you may be healed” James 5:16.  It is my belief that this could be the greatest opportunity to share Christ with individuals who that don’t know Christ.

We share through our brokenness that only Jesus can fix.

Our plan is to create resources that provoke real conversation and get individuals and small groups to discuss ways to make real change in our lives and churches. We want to transform lives and inspire people to become passionate about being real people who are broken, messed up and who need a real Savior (Jesus).

We welcome you to be part of Transparent Ministries and engage with us as we become the Christians that God has always intended us to be.  This ministry will challenge your thinking and help you become a safe place.