I recently decided to refresh my knowledge on statistics regarding pornography use by children 18 years old and younger. I visited Covenant Eyes‘ website for the latest information.  I will make one statement that will stagger you as it pertains to how big this problem is.  In 2010 Covenant Eyes released a report on this crisis in our youth today.  The statement is that only 3% of boys and 17% of girls have NOT seen pornography before they turn 18.  It was odd to see the stats turned completely around and somehow it had a bigger impact on me… and I have been looking at these statistics for years.

Some of this is because kids do lots of research for school on the Internet and occasionally hit the wrong key.  But it should rock our world that for the most part we are not doing anything to change the way we deal with our children on this issue.  Very few of us know how easy it is for our children access pornography.   We need to take control of this area for our children because even with controls our children will see too much.

I was one of those parents who did not see the danger in this area.  Some of that was because of my own issues with pornography.  I didn’t want the controls because I knew it would affect my own ability to access the Internet. I was also fooled to think that my children would control themselves and this would not be a problem.

Below is the link to the Covenant Eyes stats on under 18 year old usage of pornography on the Internet.  My hope is that you will be shocked by some of the information and begin to take measures to protect your children.

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