How Taking Risks Can Change Your Life

If you look back over my life, you will see a person who has played it safe and who has had a nice life, most of the time. Yet, I always wondered why some people appeared to be more willing to do things in their lives that were not always safe and, certainly, not always easy.

When I think about how many lives they have impacted, because of that, and wonder why, it always comes down to one thing. They were willing to take risks.

It appears that, in order to make a difference, we each have to decide how much we are willing to risk in life. For some people, it is their nature to take risks. For others of us, it is our nature to struggle with risks. We are afraid. We are afraid of loss and of failure. We are afraid that something may go wrong.

I have to tell you, for most of my life, I only took risks when I felt it was to my benefit. However, in the past few years, I have discovered that, for us to impact the lives of others, we must take risks.

We have all seen examples of individuals taking risks in life that impacted others. The Old Testament prophets and Jesus’ disciples, for example, took risks in their response to God’s calling. Many of those risks seemed to be foolish, but God used those risks for His good to impact history and lives.

One of my favorite examples is of two men that I know personally. They left their secure positions as pastors in order to make a difference in the lives of others. Their goal was to make Christ known in their generation.

They were not exactly sure of how to accomplish this, and because of that, they struggled in this endeavor for many years. But, eventually, they came upon an idea that developed into a very successful business.

They risked it ALL to make a difference. And, the result is that they have seen this business grow well beyond their initial vision, into a business that has touched, literally, millions of lives.

So, what does that mean to us, we who also want to impact lives, but who are afraid to take risks? It means we will need to be willing to push ourselves just a little further than we have felt we can go. We will need to find something that will require a step of faith, and go for it. We will need to begin with small steps, little risks at first, allowing ourselves to become more comfortable in limbo.

We, at Transparent Ministries, are asking you to start by taking the risk of becoming open and real about your life with a few select people, people who you feel will listen to you and not judge you as you open up, people who will begin to open up to you, as well.

They may not open up immediately. They may need some time before they feel it is safe to confide in you, as you are confiding in them. That’s okay. And, it may be a bit messy. More than likely, it will.

But, will you take the RISK of being transparent with someone and letting them see the real you, in order to make a difference in their life? Will you take the RISK of listening to them and loving them, no matter what you hear, when they become transparent with you?

Are you willing to begin to take small steps in order to see how taking risks can change your life and the lives of others to whom you, personally, choose to take the RISK of being honest and real?