Yesterday we filmed an interview for our upcoming resource called Bold.

The person we interviewed is Jeff Fowler. You may remember Jeff from a Freedom Begins Here video where he talked about his struggle with pornography.

Jeff did an amazing job in the interview yesterday. He spoke truth. Many of us share Jeff’s struggle with porn and Transparent Ministries is actively addressing it. But, the Bold resource is bigger than pornography. It’s about living a transparent life, being authentic with others, and helping the church become a safe place for people to deal with the difficulties of life.

Jeff is a great example of someone who lays it all on the line with other people. No pretense. No masks. What you see is what you get. Because of his openness and transparency, he makes others feel that they can be open with him. Only when we are real with each other we can begin to heal from our darkest struggles.

We are so excited about this resource. We believe God wants us to live authentically with each other. We can’t wait to share it with you!