Can You Be A Culture Changer?

Intriguing question, isn’t it? Can you be a culture changer? We, at Transparent Ministries, believe you can.

If you are like many of us, who are dissatisfied that church is not a “safe” place where you can be honest and real, then we invite you to join a movement that can change the culture in your life and in your sphere of influence.

How can you make a difference? We are so glad you asked.

Over the past 3 years, with the Freedom Begins Here organization, we have attempted to address the issue of pornography, within the church. This has been a huge issue to address. It is very complex and far-reaching. So, many churches would rather not discuss it. They would prefer to just pretend that the issue does not exist.

Through this attempt, we learned that most people do not feel that the church is a “safe” place to discuss our temptations and failures. Though we all have them, we feel we must pretend that we do not, in order to be accepted and not condemned.

So, how can Transparent Ministries help you to begin to change this type of church culture in your life and in your sphere of influence?

First, you must understand your position in Christ and how He, in His grace, truly views you and your weaknesses. When you become comfortable and confident in this, you become prepared to begin the process of understanding that you are not here to please man, but that you are here, instead, to trust God.

Did you notice that I did not say to “please” God? We have ALL failed at that. We need to become free from the grip of our church culture that says we always have it all together and that we are perfect people. We need to realize that this type of culture is not what God intends us to live in.

Secondly, you must find other “safe” people and potential culture changers, like yourself. We, at Transparent Ministries will help you to identify them. We will equip you with the necessary tools to do so. There are so many more than you know, in your sphere of influence, that are also looking for “safe” places where they can be honest and real about their spiritual struggles, without the fear of condemnation.

Thirdly, you must begin to build a community of these “safe” people, a community of culture changers. This will be a community that promotes restoration and that believes the grace that Christ extends to us is the only answer that can restore us.

This will be a community that is not afraid of change and that is comfortable with facing their real issues. Transparent Ministries is able and willing to help you to begin this liberating process.

[Photo by visualpanic]